Is Zac Taylor the guy for Cincinnati?

Marvin Lewis out, Zac Taylor potentially in, Troy and Katie Blackburn’s guy (Zac Taylor) as Mike Brown apparently steadily relinquishes control to his daughter Katie and son-in-law Troy Blackburn, went through an extensive interview process that has come full circle, the Bengals cannot formerly introduce Taylor to Cincinnati until the Rams are eliminated from the NFL Playoffs, or win the Super Bowl.

The disadvantages from Taylor being on a playoff coaching staff is that Taylor cannot put the potential final touches to his own coaching staff in Cincinnati.

Let’s take a look at some attributes and why Taylor is the man for Cincinnati. For starters, this is not the most appealing coaching vacancy because Mike Brown runs the Bengals business like a family organization which is viewed from a National perspective that Mike Brown is cheap.

Taylor is a former quarterback who played for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, a native of Norman, Oklahoma who was not recruited by his hometown Sooners. Taylor went undrafted but was signed as an unrestricted free agent by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Taylor was cut after the preseason.

Taylor’s coaching prowess was honed as an assistant quarterbacks coach with the Dolphins. Taylor also spent time at Texas A & M as an assistant coach.

In 2016 Taylor was hired by Tommy Tuberville to be the Cincinnati Bearcats offensive coordinator. Taylor as a quarterbacks coach has developed the likes of Ryan Tannehill and Jared Goff, which made Taylor desirable to the Bengals, and being able to get the most out from veteran quarterback Andy Dalton.

The disadvantages of Taylor are lack of experience as a head coach and age. Also does Taylor know how to manage a team, not just quarterbacks? Being Taylor is so young it will be imperative that Taylor puts together a veteran staff, with previous assistants with head coaching experience to help Taylor along the way.

The NFL is looking for innovative offensive minds like Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay. We will see if the potential hire Taylor can be the Bengals Sean McVay since he learned under Sean with the Rams during his time in Los Angeles.

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