Problem Solved

Warning: terrible puns even I am embarrassed writing are coming.

Cincinnati native Adrien Broner was no problem for veteran warrior Manny Pacquiao last Saturday night. The forty-year-old Pacquiao made a case for a rematch with Grand Rapids, Michigan native Floyd Mayweather by unanimously defeating Broner to retain his secondary World Boxing Association Welterweight Title.

The real problem was Broner did very little in combatting PacMan’s offense. Like the video game character he’s named after, PacMan kept moving forward. Broner seemed like he was waiting to counter, but was either shocked by Pacquiao’s aggressiveness or unwilling to show him too much in the early rounds.

That strategy fared him no better in the middle rounds when Pacquiao seemed to dominate. PacMan landed some stiff body shots and had Broner against the ropes multiple times. PacMan was never able to finish him, however, despite getting one clean left to the face.

Pacquiao won on points, but another problem is Broner disagrees.

“I beat him,” Broner claimed amid audible boos from the crowd. “Everybody out there know I beat him. I controlled the fight. He was missing. I hit him more times. I beat him.” The scorecard said otherwise; the Filipino champion outscored him 112-50. 

Pacquiao’s next problem is trying to convince Floyd to come out of retirement. That problem won’t be solved anytime soon, as Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe has already squashed that idea.

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