We Need to Discuss the Second Most Egregious Call of Championship Sunday

Sunday was a real treat for most (not Chiefs and Saints fans) football fans. Both championship games went into overtime with both road teams advancing to the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately these instant classics were marred by controversial calls.

While everyone was still fuming about the lack of a pass interference or helmet-to-helmet penalty in NFC Championship, this happened in the AFC Championship.

On a third down near the end of the fourth quarter Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Chris Jones was called for roughing the passer.

Yes, hitting the quarterback in the face is technically a penalty, but Jones didn’t even come close to doing that on this play.

This play gave the New England Patriots a free first down, fifteen yards and gave them life.

You can’t give Tom Brady an opening and not expect him to come through. The refs here basically signed a death warrant for the Chiefs.

I understand wanting to protect the golden boy of the NFL, especially against the same team that Brady tore his ACL against, but this is just ridiculous.

Despite this penalty the Chiefs still had plenty of opportunities to win. And let’s be honest Brady probably would’ve thrown for a first down on the very next play to either Julian Edelman or Rob Gronkowski, but still coupled with Dee Ford’s offsides penalty this is a brutal way to lose if you are a Chiefs fan.

In case you wanted to see the most egregious call of Sunday here it is. Congratulations to the Los Angeles Rams and my condolences to the New Orleans Saints.

Overall it was not a good day for NFL Officiating. Hopefully they can redeem themselves in the Super Bowl.

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