Emotions Flared Last Night Between Michigan and Ohio State

Last night No. 5 Michigan throttled Ohio State 65-49. Despite what the scoreboard showed the game was actually hard fought.

Both teams left it all on the court. In fact Ohio State was leading most of the first half until Michigan took a 32-26 lead at halftime.

With eight minutes left in the game and Michigan in control, emotions got chippy between both teams.

After this scuffle four players were issued technical fouls. Jon Teske and Zavier Simpson from Michigan and Ohio State’s Kaleb Wesson and Keyshawn Woods.

Despite the technical foul Michigan’s Simpson would end up recording a triple-double en route to a home victory.

This proved to be the only incident between both teams on the night as things would cool down after.

It is safe to say that the rivalry is alive and well in basketball. Both teams played with emotion like this was their biggest game of the season.

Both teams are not scheduled to meet again during the regular season, but they could potentially meet in the Big Ten Tournament.

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