New York Knicks trade Porzingis in blockbuster trade

It’s crazy how fast things can go south before crashing. Kind of reminds me of learning how to ride a bike. The first time you decide to go on your own, no assistance from Dad or the training wheels, and it’s no more than three or four seconds before you start wobbling and inevitably come crashing down. We all know pain. But it wasn’t very long before we got up to go again and again and finally got it down.

Let me start by saying Kristaps Porzingis was not taken in by the warmest of arms with New York City by ANY means.

*Warning, graphic language in this video*

And if you recall, Knicks fans were pretty vocal in expressing their discontent with the pick live at the Draft. So it’s pretty funny seeing fans burn his jersey because he decided he wants out, considering most fans seemingly didn’t want him in the first place.

After the his first season in the league however, the Knicks fans and media seemingly LOVED the Latvian big man and even coined him the name of “The Unicorn”. The 7-foot-3-inch center was seemingly a refreshing breath of life in the organization. Giving them a young budding star they could build around after the Phil/Melo drama was over. He restored a bit of excitement, as the team received a significant increase in games nationally televised, and even were a popular pick to make the playoffs a couple of years (although as a low seed). Everything seemed set that Porzingis was going to be the franchise cornerstone. But between his injuries, missed time and the organization’s refusal to surround him with anyone of note, the Unicorn snapped and requested a trade.

Late yesterday the Knicks shook the NBA community by making a HUGE trade seemingly out of the blue. Kristaps Porzingis will be shipped to Dallas along with Tim Hardaway Jr., Trey Burke, and Courtney Lee in exchange for Dennis Smith Jr., DeAndre Jordan, Wesley Matthews, and two first-round Picks. While Knicks fans were devastated, Porzingis seemed to like the move a lot.

Though all is not lost, this move gives the Knicks the salary cap space to go after two max contract players in the summer and they seem to be big players in the Kevin Durant Sweepstakes.

So if you’re a Knicks fan, relax on Porzingis…brighter days are coming.

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