Can Another Former Big Ten Star Win Super Bowl MVP?

Believe it or not the Big Ten Conference has not produced many Super Bowl MVPs.

Purdue Boilermaker quarterback Len Dawson was the first former Big Ten player to win the MVP award when the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV.

It would be 26 seasons until another Big Ten player would win the award. Former Michigan Wolverine Desmond Howard would win the award while playing for the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXI. Howard is the only player in NFL history to win the award as a special teams player.

In Super Bowl XLIII, Ohio State wide receiver Santonio Holmes would win Super Bowl MVP. His tip-toe game winning touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals, while playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers is probably the most iconic touchdown receptions in Super Bowl history.

Another Boilermaker would win the award in Super Bowl XLIV. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees would out dual another future Hall of Fame quarterback in Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts.

Then there was Tom Brady. The former Michigan quarterback would win the MVP for the Patriots in not one, not two, not three, but in four Super Bowls. In Super Bowl’s XXVI, XVIII, XLIX and LI Brady would overtake Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana as the only players to win four MVPs.

The question is what former Big Ten star could win Super Bowl LIII MVP? It be Tom Brady again, honestly what else could Tom Brady add to his Hall of Fame resume? What about Brady’s teammates?

Rex Burkhead

Rex Burkhead, a First-team All-Big Ten running back for Nebraska, will have a shot at winning his first ring on Sunday. Burkhead played huge role in the final drive of the Patriots victory over Kansas City in the AFC championship game, scoring the game winning touchdown to send the New England Patriots to the big game. Although he only played one season in the Big Ten Burkhead qualifies.

James White

James White is a former Wisconsin Badger running back. White played a key role in Super Bowl LI scoring the games final touchdown. He probably should have won the MVP in that Super Bowl with his three touchdown performance, but Brady ended up taking that award. With his breakout play this season White could finally take home the hardware.

Devin McCourty or Jason McCourty

The McCourty’s were Rutgers defensive backs who technically didn’t play in the Big Ten. Now that Rutgers is a Big Ten school I can’t help not to mention the twins who are key defensive backs in the Patriots defensive back field.

The Rams do not have many forms Big Ten stars. However, the key to the Rams beating the Patriots will be putting pressure on Brady. What about a defensive lineman?

Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong Suh played for Nebraska just the few seasons before Nebraska would join the Big Ten in 2011. The Rams talented defensive line, which is anchored by Suh and Aaron Donald could be the reasons why the Rams could upset the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII

There are some other players in the Big Ten playing in this game. However these names are the most likely players to win the MVP from the conference.

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