Zac Taylor is Struggling to Find His New Defensive Staff

Zac Taylor, new head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, has formed a youthful, but at the same time an innovative young offensive coaching staff. Brian Callahan will be the offensive coordinator, who will be bringing the West Coast offense back to the Jungle. Callahan and Taylor are both quarterback whisperers who could help Andy Dalton get back to Pro Bowl form. However, don’t be surprised Taylor gets his own quarterback.

The key hire for Taylor’s staff is defensive coordinator. Taylor is a former quarterback who will be occupied calling plays on Sunday. He needs to find an experienced defensive coordinator where he does not have to worry about focusing on the defensive unit and can let his defensive coordinator call the plays and form his own defensive scheme. Linebacker is a glaring hole, that needs to be addressed in the upcoming NFL draft. The Bengals should look to stay with a 4-3 defense and not go to a 3-4 defense that requires four elite starting linebackers.

Recently Jeff Hafley of Ohio State has elected to turn the down defensive coordinator position along with the likes of defensive coordinators Todd Grantham and Dom Capers. Jack Del Rio stated he would have taken the Bengals defensive coordinator position but was not offered the job. Taylor needs an experienced defensive coordinator with head coaching expertise to counter Taylor’s lack of experience as an NFL head coach.

Rex Ryan could be the candidate that the Bengals should look at. Ryan, who currently works with ESPN, would bring head coaching expertise as well as a reputation on defense. The defensive unit would have an edge and be ready to deal with the tall tasks of stopping the high powered offenses of the Browns and Steelers within the vaunted AFC North Division.

4 thoughts on “Zac Taylor is Struggling to Find His New Defensive Staff

  1. Rex Ryan is the man the Cincinnati Bengals need he is the best man for the job and the Bengals owner needs to realize that his team has the worst defense in the NFL !!! Rex Ryan has experience and can even help the head coach and new coaches, and the players would respect him also the fan’s would see that Mike Brown is trying to make a run for the Superbowl. As the biggest fan the Cincinnati Bengals have is myself win or lose the Bengals is and will always be my favorite team. So please Mike Brown hire Rex Ryan as your defensive head coach and hire a few key player’s WHO-DEY forever (Let’s Go Bengals)


  2. Rex Ryan is the best man for defensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals he has the experience that is needed. The fans would see that Mike Brown is trying to make build a winning team and it starts with coaching, Rex Ryan would has experience as a head coach and would be able to help Zac Taylor and other young coaches that the Cincinnati Bengals has. The best choice for the Cincinnati Bengals is Rex Ryan ( WHO-DEY )


  3. Mike Brown as the biggest fan of the Cincinnati Bengals i would love to see Rex Ryan as the head coach for defense. That’s a start then you need a few star player’s the Bengals need LB,CB,SS,and a few line men. I watch ESPN you never hear anything about the Bengals, that can all change so Mike Brown show us the fan’s that you care make these changes make it to we’re player’s want to play for the Cincinnati Bengals!!! (Who-dey forever)


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