Morgan Aste is the 2019 Arnold Classic Amateur Overall Champion

The Arnold Classic is one of the biggest sporting events that happens in the Midwest every year. Powerlifting, boxing and even MAS-wrestling draw thousands of sports and fitness enthusiasts to Columbus, Ohio. One of the fan favorite sporting events is the bodybuilding competition.

There are two different divisions of bodybuilding competitions that take place at the Arnold Classic, amateur and professional. In the professional division Brandon Curry fended off William Bonac and Luke Sandoe to win the 2019 Arnold Classic.

Despite the stiff competition in the professional division, the men’s amateur bodybuilding competition wasn’t even close. Morgan Aste, a 35-year-old from France, dominated the competition.

During his individual routine you could routinely hear the crowd admiring the hard work and dedication that Aste took to get to this point.

In this portion of his individual routine Aste shows off his bicep and pectoral muscles.

The men’s super heavyweight division was no match for Aste as he won first place in the division.

He would then move on to face all the winners of the lighter divisions where his domination continued.

The 2019 Arnold Amateur serves as an official pro qualifier for the IFBB Pro League. Winning the Arnold Amateur is a big deal for aspiring bodybuilders because of this.

Even the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger was impressed with Aste’s performance.

With Aste winning he will now have a chance to move up and compete as a professional.

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