Social Media’s Reaction to The Browns Acquiring OBJ is Exactly What You Would Expect

In the olden days, in order to gauge fan reaction to a franchise-altering trade, media outlets like this one would have to resort to interviewing the average fan on the street, possibly in sports bars or gymnasiums in order to talk to sports fans, using tape recorders or spiral notepads. Then, most likely by semaphore or carrier pigeon, the results of the interviews would be sent off for publication a day later.

Thank heavens for social media and the internet.

Reaction to the biggest trade in Cleveland sports history since former Indian Rocky Colavito was traded to the Detroit Tigers for Harvey Keunn, or maybe even the Cavaliers trading the meh Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love –a move that eventually led to an NBA Championship– has taken over the world wide web.

…and, yes, most of it sounds a lot like this guy:

To which the man who, to quote “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, is “causing all this” responded:

Everyone from super-fans:

To regular fans, were excited about the news:

Celebrities chimed in:

ESPN had some fun:

As well The Kid from Akron:

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OH MY!!!! S*#% just got REAL!!

A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

A brand new teammate:

And a best friend:

Even some haters had something to write:

Browns fan misery may have also been part of the deal:

Finally, the most Cleveland-esque reaction to the news is this young fan:

Last but not least, the best reaction to this trade is from OBJ himself:

…and finally:

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