The Big Ten makes a Historic Hire

The Big Ten Council of Presidents and Chancellors made a historic announcement today. Jim Delaney will step down from his role as the Conference’s Commissioner on January 1st, 2019 after Thirty Years at the helm; and today the conference made it known they have the guy to fill that void.

The Big Ten made the announcement that Kevin Warren will become the Sixth Commissioner of the Big Ten Conference. The Minnesota Vikings Chief Operating Officer will become the first ever Afro-American Power Five Conference Commissioner when he takes over the day-to-day operations on September 16th. This is not the first of such achievements for Warren, as he was the NFL’s highest business executive and the first Afro-American COO in NFL History.

During his tenure in Minnesota he was played a role in just about every facet of the franchise, and had his fingerprints all over the project that was US Bank Stadium. Kevin was quintessential to the expansion and growth of the Vikings organization over the last decade and it made him a perfect fit to run the Big Ten.

This hire is very intriguing for the conference and the Collegiate landscape, as Warren is a Notre Dame Alumnus. By no means do I think this is a realistic, anytime soon at least, but Big Ten fans have wanted Notre Dame to join the conference for quite some time. Could we see that happen under Warren’s leadership? After laying an egg in a College Football Playoff a lot of people thought they shouldn’t have been in, there was a lot of talk that the Fighting Irish should have to join a conference in order to ever get back…Could Kevin Warren’s hire eventually lead to Notre Dame joining the Conference?

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