Scots dominate Panthers 74-59 to capture City League Title

The city of Columbus came out and showed their support for the Walnut Ridge Scots and the Linden-McKinley Panthers in the annual Columbus city boys basketball game. The Scots would dominate the Panthers 74-59 capturing the City League Championship.

The game started out hot for the Panthers as the jumped out to a 9-4 lead on the heavily favored Scots. It didn’t take long for the Scots to jump back in it as Senior forward VonCameron Davis would score the next 4 points and grabbing 3 rebounds in the process. Senior Logan Hudson would drill a three after a timeout to extend the lead to 12-7 for the Panthers. VonCameron Davis would miss a fast break layup get his own rebound and make a layup which led to foul. However Hudson would make another three to got up 15-10. The story of the first quarter was Davis of Walnut Ridge and Hudson of Linden-McKinley as they would lead the way for both teams. At the end of the first quarter the Panthers led the Scots 17-14.

VonCameron Davis came out the second quarter and drilled a 3-pointer. Then he grabbed a rebound, put it back up, and got fouled. He would drill both free-throws to take the lead over the Panthers. The Scots would start the second quarter on a 7-0 run to put Linden-McKinley on their heels. Kaveon Ross of the Scots started to get going as he scored the next 7 points for Walnut Ridge and extended the lead 31-21. Ross and Davis would be the two big athletic players for the Scots that would put the Panthers on the ropes. Qian Magwood would throw a half court alley-hoop to Kaveon Ross that would extend the Scots lead to 35-22. The first half would end and the Scots led the Panthers 40-23.

The pace of the game slowed down in third quarter and the Panthers cut the lead to 13 points. Andre Lathem and Chance Groce would lead the way. However the high pressure defense by Qian Magwood and Myles Garrett would lead to easy buckets on a already big day for VonCameron Davis. Only excitement for the Panthers came with 1:07 left when Shamarion Rogers would get fouled while dunking an alley-hoop. However they still had answer for Davis after a layup on the offensive end he would have a LeBron James type block to end the third quarter. Scots would lead 58-40.

Walnut Ridge wanted the City Championship really bad going into the fourth quarter as VonCameron Davis scored the first 6 points in the quarter. Scots led 66-47 before Linden-McKinley had to call timeout to regroup with 6 mins left in the game. The Scots continued to put pressure on the Panthers failed to score for 3 minutes before Shamarion Rogers would get a layup. The Scots led 70-49. The Scots sent the reserves into the ball game with 2:24 left in the ball game. Linden-McKinley would not go down without a fight. The Panthers outscored the Scots 10-4 in the final moments of the game. The Scots would win the City League Championship 74-59. VonCameron Davis finished with 28 points in the contest.

This would be the fifth time the Scots would reach the City League Championship in recent history but their first victory in those contests.

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