Joe Bachie-Underrated leader

Awards- (2018) Coaches First Team All-Big Ten

Joe Bachie, inside linebacker from Michigan State, is rudely underrated. Why? Some might ask. Who is he? For Michigan State, Bachie is a household name. Joe Bachie was the leader and captain of Michigan State’s defense most of his career. His debut came when Riley Bullough was disqualified from the game with a targeting call and Bachie never looked back. The term leader is one that you can’t use enough with Joe Bachie. He was the nucleus for the Spartan’s defense and was a 2x time team captain. Bachie’s best year was in 2018 when he recorded 47 solo tackles and forced 2 fumbles and an interception. His 2019 season was cut short after failing a drug test by the NCAA. Bachie also explained today in combine interviews that the failed substance was a pre-workout he used days prior.

Realistically Joe Bachie may be a player drafted late in the NFL draft. He’s very athletic so his combine performance could be a huge boost for him. The biggest attribute for Bachie is his game tape. Theres a vibe to him that just screams football player. The thing that firmly stands out about Joe Bachie is his game time motor and his ability to be in on every play. Watch the tape on Bachie, he is everywhere. Whether its an amazing interception to secure the game against Jordan Love of Utah State or him reading the offense and stuffing the play, Bachie is a gamer. There’s things about him you simply cannot coach. Joe Bachie’s strengths could compliment any NFL organization. He is athletic, extremely smart, can adapt and most importantly he can lead. While Joe Bachie may not go as early as others, his skill set and game tape could easily catch a NFL teams eye. Keep an eye out on Bachie’s NFL career, his work ethic alone will carry him far.