Making the ideal 2020 Penn State roster

If you could add an all-time great to offense and defense for this upcoming season, who would it be? I saw a Penn State fan pose this question on Twitter the other day and it got me thinking, ‘who would I add to this roster?’

The 2020 edition of the Nittany Lions will surely be one of the most athletic and most talented teams that James Franklin has ever been at the helm of, so this was something that really had to be thought about. In the replies to this posed question, quite a few fans mentioned Saquon Barkley as one of the that they would choose, and as much as I would agree with them based off of just the pure ability, I am not sure I would go the same route considering the depth that is currently there, not to mention the quality of that depth. But my offensive player would be someone who lined up with Barkley and helped almost take the team to the playoff.

Chris Godwin, WR (2014-16)

It was pretty obvious to go receiver here, right? It’s no secret that the WR room will need to take a big step forward this season for the Lions to truly be anything special. While many fans also chose Chicago Bears receiver Allen Robinson, I decided to go with a guy more recent.

In his three years of action in State College, Godwin caught 154 passes for nearly 2500 yards and 18 touchdowns, and became a huge target that would move on to play at an extremely high level in the NFL.

Chris would blend perfectly with this offense which, outside of Pat Freiermuth, lacks a true big-body jump ball receiver. Mixed in with the super shifty and speedy guys that are in the WR room now, Godwin would add another element to the offense that defenses have to worry about.

Jordan Hill, DT (2011-12)

The defensive player was harder to come up with. Penn State doesn’t have many holes, but one is on the defensive line. Much like the receivers, there is plenty of talent, just not a lot of previous production to get crazy about.

Jordan Hill is a player that would certainly entrench this team into CFP contention, as production was his middle name in Happy Valley (not really). Hill only played for two seasons, but they were absolutely stellar. He accrued 123 tackles, 16.5 TFLs, and 8 sacks in his tenure, which ended with him being drafted by the Seahawks in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Adding a player like that to this year’s Penn State team would be perfect. The DT spot would get deeper, and you would have two excellent players between Hill and Antonio Shelton that would turn this defense up to even another level.

Obviously this is an imaginary scenario, but this Lions team with those two legends would be pretty insurmountable, and have one of the best chances to win the 2020 title.

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