Penn State’s most valuable weapon

Penn State Assistant AD and Director of Performance Enhancement; these are the titles that go along with Dwight Galt’s name on the athletic staff directory. Coach Galt is a legend among his ranks, but not a ton of people truly recognize his name compared to some peers. Who is Dwight Galt?

Coach Galt began his Strength and Conditioning career back in 1989, when he became the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Maryland. He would hold that position until 1993, when he was promoted to the Director of Strength and Conditioning.

Galt stayed in that position until 2011. In his 18 years in College Park, he was in charge of the Strength and Conditioning for all 27 sports teams at Maryland. He had his hand in two ACC Championship football teams, and put a ton of great talent into the NFL. For eight years, he was on staff with James Franklin and they built a bond. When Franklin took over the Vanderbilt head coaching position in 2011, he hired Dwight Galt to be his “Director of Performance Enhancement”, and the two have been coaching together ever since.

Dwight Galt was promoted to the University’s assistant Athletics Director along with being the Director of Performance Enhancement in 2015, and is in control of the performance regimen for all 31 varsity sports at the school. 51 of his former student-athletes are in the NFL, and has produced more ‘above average’ and ‘elite’ NFL players in the last seven years than any other Strength and Conditioning coach in the country.

Some athletic freaks Galt has trained

– Shawne Merriman

– Torrey Smith

– Darrius Heyward-Bey

– Casey Hayward

– Saquon Barkley

– Mike Gesicki

Those are just the guys with eye-popping Combine numbers. His list of really good NFL players goes on-and-on. In celebration of the yearly NFL Combine and the yearly production from Nittany Lions in the event; Penn State’s most valuable weapon doesn’t even play. He is perhaps the best Strength and Conditioning coach in the country, and is a major reason for Penn State and James Franklin’s success.

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