If a Day 1 disaster happens, the Eagles will have options at WR

It has been well documented thus-far this off-season that the Eagles need to revamp the Receiving core, and many thought that the Eagles would make a big splash move at the position in Free Agency. So far they have not, and fans have began getting restless and questioning the plan at the position moving forward.

While DeAndre Hopkins and Stefon Diggs were traded to new homes and the top receivers have signed their deals elsewhere, the Eagles have remained quiet. Nelson Agholor signed an extremely affordable deal with Vegas, and while some may be upset the the team did not jump on that value, a parting of ways was for the best of both parties here.

This leaves Philly in a peculiar situation at the position as the free agency cupboard is becoming bare, and the receiver room is looking thin and inexperienced (aside from DeSean and Alshon). With not many impact FA options left, it seems likely that the Eagles will try to draft two Wide Receivers this year. There is a bit of an issue though.

The Eagles are one-hundred percent trying to get a receiver in the First Round, but 11 of the 20 picks ahead of them have a very good chance of being used on a receiver, and it could force them to make a tough decision; Reach for a receiver at 21? Trade up to get the guy? Or, Draft best available despite position? Let’s weigh the options, but we will focus on the latter, which would be doomsday to some fans.

As averted to earlier, 11 of the 20 picks ahead of Philadelphia could be used on a receiver. A few of those picks are possessed by the same team but if all of those teams pick a receiver, the Eagles could very well find themselves in a situation where it only makes sense to pick best value, which would be a non-receiver. While that would be very disappointing, it would not be the end of the world.

Here are four players that the Eagles may be happy to walk away with later in the draft:

Devin Duvernay, Texas (3rd Round projection)

Duvernay broke out this past year for Texas, becoming the go-to guy and catching 106 passes for the longhorns. He has dependable durability, the frame to withstand shots from DBs, and the hands to be a reliable NFL target. Combine Grade: 6.00 (Developmental traits prospect)

Gabriel Davis, UCF (4th round projection)

Gabriel has been the main guy catching passes at Central Florida for the past few years, and consistently presented a big challenge for the guys guarding him. He flashed great separation ability and excellent ball skills . Combine Grade: 6.25 (Good backup who could become starter)

Michael Pittman Jr., USC (3rd round projection)

Pittman was the star of the USC offense this season and really became one of, if not, the best receivers in the PAC-12 conference. He shows great ball skills in his film, and possesses a great ability to make a play after the catch. Combine Grade: 6.38 (Will be starter in first two years)

JuWan Johnson, Oregon (6th round projection)

Johnson was a grad transfer from Penn State who made the most of his last chance. Has to become more consistent catching the ball but his big frame and New Jersey roots could make him an intriguing prospect to take a chance on late. Combine Grade: 5.82 (Backup/Special Teamer)

Combine numbers compared to three top-end NFL stars

No, it would not be ideal if the Eagles missed out on some of their top receiving targets in the Draft, but it would not be the end of the world. If you’re the Eagles and you fall into this situation, there is solid value deep into the draft but if this route does not interest you, how would you feel about reaching or trading Alshon and some draft assets to move up and get ‘your guy’?

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